Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a large enough parking space?

Don't let the driveway leading up to the property deceive you!  For large AND small events, we always have 1-2 people managing parking.  The parking directors will show your guests where to park so that every vehicle will be able to leave the property at any time, without any issues.  Our parking directors can accommodate the appropriate amount of cars for a 200 guest wedding on the property.  

Are you handicap accessible?

Yes!  Guests who are not able to make it down the stairs of our main entrance are welcome to use the front of the property to walk around to the outdoor patio/indoor space or we have a Utility Vehicle that we use to specifically drive those in wheelchairs, or those who prefer not to take the stairs, around to the outdoor patio/indoor space.  The indoor space is located directly off the outdoor patio and has two sets of French doors that both open to allow ample room  for a wheelchair.  If a friend or family member is in need of this service, please feel free to let us know prior to the event or once you arrive!

What do you do if it rains on our big day?

Tents!  We have two 20'x40' tents that fit perfectly over the outdoor patio area.  These tents are included in our basic package, unless we are running a promotion in which tents are not included in the promotional price.  If that is the case, tents can be rented from The Southern Homestead as late as a week prior to the wedding for a small additional fee.  We have had beautiful tent weddings at The Southern Homestead!

Do you allow outside vendors at The Southern Homestead?

Of course!  We do not require that you use specific caterers, DJs, photographers, etc.  However, we do have certain vendors that we have previously worked with and highly recommend!  Be sure to ask us for our Preferred Vendor List during your visit to The Southern Homestead!

Do you require event insurance?

Yes.  We do require that couples renting the property for a wedding purchase event insurance either online or through a licensed agent.  We can recommend an agent for you, if desired.  Event insurance helps protect you if you're found responsible for property damage or an injury caused during your event.  This includes damages caused by the vendors you choose, as well.  A minimum policy of $1 million is required.  For small events, event insurance is not required, but highly recommended.

Do you allow alcohol?

Yes.  However, The Southern Homestead DOES NOT serve or sell alcohol.  We require that alcohol be purchased by the renter and served to guest via a licensed bartender.  (Please contact us if you are unsure of where to find a licensed bartender and we will gladly recommend someone for you).  An additional "host liquor liability" insurance policy in the amount of $1 million is required if you choose to serve alcohol.  The Southern Homestead MUST BE listed as an "additional insured" under this policy.  

How much does event insurance and/or host liquor liability insurance cost?

For a one day policy, event insurance is estimated to run between $100-$150.  Of course, the actual price depends upon number of guests, etc.  A one day event insurance policy AND host liquor liability is estimated to run between $150-$200 (this amount includes both policies required for your event - this is not in addition to the general liability policy but TOTAL).  If you are unsure of how/where to purchase these policies, please contact us.  We can provide names of websites or local insurance agents who can help you obtain this insurance